About TBS

What is THE BLACK SOAP? The Black Soap is a nighttime soap opera that is a predominately African American (BLACK) cast. This soap is very well written, shot, cast, directed and produced.

tbsUrsula Joyner, had a vision a while back and decided to pull a crew together, from scratch. She posted on her Facebook that she wanted to create a group that consist of Actors, Writers, Directors, Producers, as well as crew members. She got a huge response and from there and pulling in classmates she developed a FULL CREW.

They immediately went to work. Ursula arranged production meetings, weekly even through the holiday season. During that first meeting, Ursula presented the idea of “THE BLACK SOAP” to the team. They were immediately interested. They believed in the project. The Clustering and Brainstorming shifted into full gear.  They knew at the time, that they were limited on what to write due to having NO BUDGET! After the second week, the unthinkable happened. Opportunities opened up allowing them to write a more broader script. After a few short weeks, THE BLACK SOAP was fully cast with talent and crew.

Ursula’s vision for THE BLACK SOAP is to entertain ALL ETHNICITIES! You will experience nail biting scenarios, Cliffhangers, Drama, Sex, Action and jaw dropping situations. These will be real life situations that happens in our everyday lives. As well as shocking things that you don’t see or experience everyday. You will see a new episode EACH WEEK!

I guarantee that you will NOT be disappointed. Whether you tune in for the Hot Cop, Hot Bitchy Business Woman, or it may be the 4 inch heels being worn by the Super Sexy Latino maid, either way you will not be disappointed!
So sit back, relax and enjoy… THE BLACK SOAP