About NBS

nbsNo Budget Studio, a seed founder Ursula Joyner has tried to grow for years. The idea originated during her residency in California. Ursula wanted to create her own content. She invested in camera equipment and her LLC to begin the process. She searched high and low to find locations she could film out of. Unable to find a location, she picked up and moved to Atlanta, Georgia to water her seed on different soil. She worked diligently to make her dreams a reality in Atlanta. Unable to develop her idea, she took a break and visited her hometown Kansas City, Kansas.

While visiting home she decided to stay for awhile and see what she could accomplish. She worked diligently and collected various props that she could use. In a few months, Ursula was able to get her location and No Budget Studio was officially born. The seed that she tirelessly watered has finally sprouted. The sky is the limit for this hard working Entrepreneur. Be ready and look out for Ursula Joyner!